The Production PRocess

I believe that following your deepest creative impulses is your best shot at a fulfilling and long-lasting career and life in music. In order to make a record that reflects your truth I need to….

Get to know you.

I’d like to get to know you as an artist, and figure out what motivates you. What are your aesthetic goals and what are your career goals?

What’s your frame of reference? What music did you listen to growing up? what formed you as a musician and artist?

What are you loving now? What music are you listening now that inspires you?

What are your specific references for your next project: What are some touchstones that are specifically relevant to your upcoming project?

What do you do? Are you primarily a songwriter? Are you a vocalist/instrumentalist? Do you produce your own demos or albums? Are you a programmer? A rapper? What’s your medium?

How can I help?

As a producer I can take on a number of roles to complement what it is you do, from engineering to programming to playing guitars and synths, to finding you session musicians for a tracking session. Or I can simply mix the records you’ve made on your own or with another engineer/producer. The question is how can I be the most useful to your project? Each project is different and the roles I take on are varied.

Get to know the songs

Whatever songs we decide to produce, it’s important I get to know them. I’ll listen to any demos you send me, or we can create demos together. It’s also possible we may want to do some writing together or work on the songs to get them into shape for the production process.

What’s the vision?

How do you envision your record feeling? What’s the world of sounds you want to create around your songs? What is the context that’s going to support your songs the most? Big and lush? Dark and cloistered? Sparkley and calm? Muted and tense?

What’s the genre/style?

Do you have a particular genre you’re trying to fit into. If so, we can make sure that we’re on the same page about what kinds of sounds instruments, production and mixing techniques are gonna help place you in the right context.

Creating a palette

What are the collection of instruments and sounds and production techniques that are going to create the sonic world you envision? What’s your signature sound?

Dive in

At this point we have our direction, we’re on the same page and the process starts to run itself. We start putting down sounds from our palette and try new ones if need be. In short we do whatever we need to do to make the record and we reach for the vision.


Once the production is complete, there’s a round of mixes and revisions to make sure that the overall impact of the record is as refined and perfected as possible before we send the track to mastering. Learn more about my mixing approach here.

Follow Up

Once the song is done, I'm still here to help you figure out what the next steps are. I want all the tracks I work on to get out there and reach people.

(Quick note about working remotely or if you live outside of NY: Technology allows me to stream a live feed of my session to you anywhere in the world, so working remotely can still be a collaborative process. If you’d like to travel to Brooklyn to work on a record I can help you find accommodations)

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