Harper James: Mixing pop and indie music.

My name is Harper James. I am a Brooklyn-based producer, writer and mixing engineer signed to Hard 8 Working Group (Billie Eillish, Finneas, All Time Low). I work with indie artists and major label artists. My mixes and productions have 25 million streams.

Read my full bio here. Listen to my reel here.

Check out my main instagram account @harperjmusic or my mixing centric instagram @harperjmixing

Now matter how good the production is, without the right mix, it’s never going to connect. Because mixing is all about making sure the emotion that was originally in the song and the performance and the arrangement is actually coming through the speakers. A good mix can’t save a bad production, but a bad mix can ruin a good production.

A good mix is about maintaining the integrity of the production while squeezing as much of the right kinds of energy from the mix as possible. I don’t use a one-size-fits all approach because every production, song and artist are different and need different things from a mix. I’m usually looking for a combination of depth, width and clarity of ideas; as well as glue, punch and the right kind and amount of vibe, and most of all I’m always looking for emotional impact.


Below are some short mixing tutorials and a little bit of technical insight:

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